A Marketing Strategy to Smile About

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Do you know how your company can design ads to appeal to a smaller target audience with better results?

As with any promotion, the right mix of text, images, and color attracts your ideal customer and intrigues them enough to want to know more about your company and products.

The different messages you portray are also factors in how you’ll be received and remembered. Your copy and graphics work together to tell different parts of your brand story and can be geared to specific stages of your buyer’s journey. The story to smile about is the one where you uncover that good mix of ad elements that reaches the people you made your products and services for! It’s not just reaching them by promoting in the right places but reaching them with the emotional connection you can make with your marketing. 

Small Targeted Audience = Bigger Impact 

On the topic of appealing to a smaller audience with better results, regional ad targeting, or geo-targeting, is a strategic marketing approach that goes beyond the basic local business reach. Whether responding to the social climate or personalizing your message to the geographic qualities, you can use regional marketing to make your ads more personal and more effective. 

A Regional eBlast gives you the space to arrange the best mix of text and design to appeal to that segment of our audience that you are in business for. See these examples of just a few approaches to take in targeting a smaller audience with a Regional eBlast: 

There are various strategies you may want to implement to have your ad appeal to a specific region. You may want to reach residents who are experiencing limitations or mandates, or reach those involved in an event or organization where you can show on a personal level how your products can help them. Learn about other ideas for this approach in the article, Make a Personal Connection with Geo-Targeting like: 

  • targeting your ad into geographic areas where there is currently more demand for homeschooling products.
  • targeting users in a specific region so that you can speak to the homeschooling regulations in that area.

Share the message of your brand’s unfolding story. You have the space in a Regional eBlast to give our subscriber audience meaningful and relevant engagement through words, images, and color.

Learn more about our advertising options through our mobile app and online locations to help you reach the segment of the homeschooling market that is right for your business.

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