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2022 Homeschool Survey

2024 Update: Unlock the Homeschool Market with Our 2022 Survey Report

Stay ahead in your industry by leveraging insights from the past that are shaping the future. The Old Schoolhouse® conducted an in-depth survey in 2022, engaging over 2,000 homeschool parents. We’ve transformed their responses into a comprehensive, 150+ page report, offering a treasure trove of data that remains relevant in 2024.

Why This Report is Crucial for Your Business:

  • Timeless Insights: Despite being conducted in 2022, the findings continue to reflect the current needs and preferences of the homeschool community.
  • Professionally Compiled: This physical report is meticulously curated, providing detailed analysis and actionable insights.
  • Understanding Post-Pandemic Trends: It reveals the evolving dynamics of homeschooling families in the post-pandemic era, highlighting shifts in buying behavior and demographic profiles.
  • Identifying Market Changes: Critical changes over the past year are spotlighted, helping you understand and adapt to ongoing market trends.

The 2022 Homeschool Market Survey Report: An indispensable tool for vendors aiming to tap into and serve the homeschool market effectively. Access it now to unlock new opportunities and align your strategies with the needs of homeschooling families today. 

Take the Next Step in Market Engagement

Don’t miss the opportunity to make your product a household name among homeschoolers. Contact your sales representative today to discover how the 2022 Homeschool Market Survey Report can be the key to getting your product into the hands of today’s discerning homeschool families. Learn, adapt, and grow with insights that will shape your approach to this dynamic and growing market. Let us help you turn information into action and reach the heart of the homeschool community.


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