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2022 Homeschool Survey

Be the first in your industry to learn what homeschoolers need in 2022. The Old Schoolhouse® surveyed over 2,000 homeschool parents and compiled their answers into an extensive report revealing exactly what the ever-growing homeschool community really wants. This professionally bound physical report has just been released with 150+ pages of valuable information for you. It’s a detailed study unveiling the buying preferences and demographic makeup of homeschooling families in the post-pandemic market. The report highlights critical changes over the past 12 months. In short, the 2022 Homeschool Market Survey Report opens new opportunities for you as a vendor. 

Learn the preferences of homeschooling families, so you can visualize how to effectively—and specifically—target your marketing efforts and better plan promotions throughout the year. Contact your sales representative to learn just how the new 2022 Homeschool Market Survey Report can help you get your product into the hands of today’s homeschoolers.


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