Web Banner Design Ideas and Benefits

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You’ve got options for various forms of advertising. Whether it’s print, digital, or in-person marketing, the most difficult decision of your marketing plan is where will you put your dollars next? What will work well for your business and your budget?

You could be an individual from a large corporation with an advertising budget in the thousands or a solopreneur that is investing your own money to promote the products you’ve personally created. With our wide range of advertisers, one of the more effective means of progressing your potential customer from unawareness to ‘top-of-mind’ awareness about your company is the highly “impressionable” web banner ad



Banner ads have several benefits such as:

  • They are not limited to static graphics and can be animated and in various sizes.
  • They can be placed on sites with content and audience related to your products. 
  • They will make your brand familiar to those who have not yet heard of your products.
  • They can be interactive; your display ad can be linked to a page specifically designed for the conversion of that specific audience.
  • You can track the number of impressions and clicks on your ad, allowing you to analyze the effectiveness of your ad and adjust as needed.
  • You get consistent impressions of your brand to potential customers.

With banner marketing, you can advertise your brand in different places and for different periods of time. To make this type of display ad work, your goal with the ad should be to establish trust and use clever hooks to encourage consumers to buy into your company, as well as your product.

Here are some web banner design ideas of the best converting banner ads:

  • Uses interactive designs and elements
  • Blends in well with the content on the site (colors, fonts, mood)
  • Eye-catching with simple designs and bold lettering
  • Not a lot of text – portrays most of message through graphics
  • Has a clear call-to-action

View the placements and the options of web banners on The Old Schoolhouse® website to see more web banner design ideas that you can use to boost your brand.