Reach New Customers by Entering New Markets

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Families that choose home education are buying many products and services outside the education industry. Are you positioned to reach new customers in the homeschooling market? 

Most of what we share with our magazine readers and online followers does fall under the education category, but we also cover many other topics. Our focus is to serve our readers in all parts of their lives so we cover marriage topics, kitchen matters, parenting tips, travel destinations, business ideas, and much more. 

The magazine covers many themes, our different websites have various types of content, and our social media accounts are designed in such a way as to encourage and inform in all areas of life. 

How does your business tie into a homeschooler’s life? It’s a guarantee that what you offer is of interest to a segment of our audience, if not the majority. Here are a few examples of how other industries can appeal to the homeschooling lifestyle: 

  • Homeschoolers love to travel and use the travel experience for hands-on learning and family bonding. Parents also love a good deal and can fill in those off-season slow times. As a travel business, create ads that tie into the family learning adventure!
  • We all have to eat so food is easily relatable to any family. Whether your products are focused on essential nutrients or a tasty treat, your advertising can speak to the importance of family and the kitchen as the heart of the home. Some marketing angles could be the nurturing nature of mom, life skills through cooking and baking, or family fun with food. 
  • Sports is big for homeschooling families, and for those kids who show a strong inclination toward a specific sport, the flexible schedule of the homeschooling family allows for a child to get deep into the sport of their choice. Equipment, coaching, and physical training will be highly valued by homeschoolers. 

There are many other industries that have effectively marketed to the homeschooling consumer, but these are a few examples to show that by slightly adjusting your message to a homeschooling audience (compared to an ad you use for the general public), you will make more of an impact when you appeal to their life as a home educating family. 

As many companies do that are in the education field serving both institutional organizations as well as homeschoolers, you may gain an even greater conversion rate when you have a landing page that has copy written specifically for the homeschooling parent.

Read this article which offers some helpful advice to reach new customers, 3 Smart Tips for Reaching New Customers in Different Markets.

Would you like to explore the different approaches to advertising in the home education industry? Our sales professionals will give you personal help with your advertising needs to reach the segment of the homeschooling market that is right for your business. If you’re already connected to one of our sales representatives, you can contact that person directly or contact us to get set up with one of our representatives with your advertising needs.

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