Make a Personal Connection with Geo-Targeting

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Targeting your ads to a specific region isn’t just for retail store advertising. By segmenting your audience to a single state or region, you have the benefit of appealing to homeschoolers in a desired area who are likely to have different wants and needs.

The marketing term, geo-targeting, is described as delivering specific advertising to consumers based on their geographic location. While this is most commonly used by businesses with a store-front, any business can use this strategy to develop personalized content in their ads to help find the right customers by using different techniques and to build a more personal connection with your audience.

These personalized ads have a higher chance of appealing to users so they can significantly improve your campaign’s performance.

Geo-targeting is not new; many successful companies have been using it for years to increase their campaign’s efficiency. Due to its dynamic nature, you can display different ad formats and implement different techniques to build a connection with your audience by using copy that speaks to the area’s demographics.


Geo-Targeting with The Old Schoolhouse®

Selecting a regional ad may reduce your overall reach, but it increases your focus on a targeted geographic region. For instance, if you have a product you would like to advertise to people only in Texas, a regional ad will allow all of your marketing dollars to only be seen by Texans.

This also allows you to target your ad into geographic areas where there is currently more demand for homeschooling products, such as states experiencing economic or political issues that could drive an interest in homeschooling.

An additional technique would be to target users in a specific region so that you can speak to the homeschooling regulations in that area and how your products make their home education requirements easier to follow.

These are just a couple of examples of how businesses can use geo-targeting to provide a more personalized ad and improve conversion rates. There are several other ways you can design your ads to appeal to a smaller target audience with better results.

Learn more about the Facebook Regional Ad and all our social media venues on the Media Kit. You can also explore the many different approaches to advertising in the home education industry by speaking to one of our sales professionals. If you’re already connected with one of our sales reps, you can contact that person directly or you can contact us for personal help to explore your promotion potential.