Build Your Brand with this Marketing Strategy

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How do you boost revenue, improve your brand loyalty, and delight your customer in the process? With advertising that spreads the promotion of your products and services across multiple platforms.

The term integrated marketing is used to describe the process through which a strategic campaign is created to be delivered over various advertising channels and platforms. This process also works to align the primary brand message that is communicated over your marketing channels and assets, like your website, email, and social media.

This type of marketing is effective at boosting leads and building brand awareness and is also more effective than campaigns that are run on individual channels. As stated in this Forbes article, research conducted by Gartner determined that campaigns across four or more channels outperform single- or dual-channel campaigns by 300 percent. A consistent message spread across several channels drives value and is 31 percent more effective at building brands, according to Kantar Millward Brown’s study, AdReaction: The Art of Integration.

The various advertising avenues of The Old Schoolhouse® meet people at different stages in their awareness of a company. Our Schoolhouse Marketing Membership Program has been developed on the principles of integrated marketing to provide clients with ready-and-waiting channels to spread out a long-term campaign. We offer the platforms, but the vital part of any campaign is the strategic approach and how well your paid ads are aligned with your messages and images on your assets.

Here are a few basic reasons why these types of campaigns are beneficial.

  • They reach a wider audience.
  • They build trust when a consistent message is seen across multiple platforms.
  • They save money since assets can be shared and repurposed for different marketing strategies.
  • They have more impact through repeated brand impressions and make your option top-of-mind when the customer is ready to purchase.

Read through this 4-step process that brings together an integrated marketing strategy that is mainly focused on your company assets. To reach the wider home-education market with a consistent, customer-centric approach, review three packages that deliver your campaign to a targeted audience, moving them through the different stages of the buyer’s journey.

As you develop your campaign, keep these points in mind to make it highly effective:

  • Determine a strong, focused brand image
  • Make the message clear and consistent
  • Maintain that clear and consistent message across all media
  • Use traditional and digital media for promotion

Receive the individual attention that will help you reach the segment of the homeschooling market that is right for your business by contacting us for personal help with your advertising needs.

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