Repurpose Content: Video Marketing Strategy

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Reaching your audience with video doesn’t have to include a videographer and advanced video editing skills. That could be an option though, and there are many situations where you want to engage the services of video professionals, but for most of your small-business promotion, you can produce quality video that will boost your small business’s online presence and leave a memorable impression with your viewers. 

Video has become an essential tool for small businesses looking to reach a wider audience. From social media platforms to email marketing campaigns, there are countless ways to incorporate video into your marketing strategy. There are also countless approaches to creating a video, but not countless hours to devote to development. You don’t need to create new content with every video project though. Put a bit of thought into how you can use content you’ve already created to repurpose for an engaging video. Here are three ideas to get you focused on using past social media posts in your next video. 

Brand Story Video Strategy

A brand story video is a great way to introduce your business to potential customers and build brand awareness. This type of video typically tells the story of your business, including its history, mission, and values. It can also include interviews with key team members and footage of your products or services in action. A well-crafted brand story video can help establish trust with your audience and differentiate your business from competitors.

You have likely already shared your brand story intermittently on social media. Scroll through your posts to find the ones that are focused on your business mission, values, people, and products. With your favorite video editing software open and ready (Movavi and Filmora are two low-cost professional video editing programs to check out if you don’t have a favorite yet), upload the social media graphics into a new project and add them to the video timeline in an order that tells a story. 

Much of the text from those posts can act as the script for a voiceover, or you can add music to the audio track and add some text to the video to tell the story. 

Repurpose Social Proof Content

Video testimonials are a powerful way to showcase the positive experiences of your customers and build trust with potential customers. Your social media page and profiles can be a rich source of long- and short-form testimonials that you can use in various video formats. If you are in the habit of asking satisfied customers to record a short video sharing their experience with your product or service, then you may already have a ready source of short videos you can combine to produce a testimonial video collage. You can then feature this video on your website, social media channels, and in email marketing campaigns. 

Choose customers who represent your target audience and reviews that highlight the benefits received from your business. Comments from happy customers on your posts can be good material, as can written reviews in their various forms. (Learn about the product reviews we offer for free, written by experienced reviewers.)

Video Editing Makes Quality Content

To create a video with written content, use the text in combination with your product and website images as well as stock images that represent your target audience. This is also a great way to include the social proof component of awards and accolades. Has your business won awards or been ranked on top lists in your industry? Show that stuff off in a video! 

A video with still images and text takes a bit more in the editing stage to make it engaging, but get started playing around with this option. After some practice, you’ll be able to produce exceptional quality videos that entertain and intrigue your viewers and are created with your existing content. With some music, transitions, and animations to text and graphics, those written comments and reviews from happy customers can be leveraged to draw attention through video. 

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