Customer Journey Stages for the Home Education Market

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There are three main stages that your customers go through to become your customers. Do you know what they are? Have you created marketing components that reach each of the customer journey stages?

If you’re not familiar with the marketing concept of the Customer’s Journey (also called the Buyer’s Journey), then read through this article from HubSpot where you’ll learn what it is, how to define each stage for your company, and where to access mapping templates to design your customer’s journey.


The 3 Stages

The three stages are often referred to as awareness, consideration (or evaluation), and decision. Those are the stages of someone becoming aware of your business, thinking about you when they have a desire for what you offer, and making the decision to purchase. 

We can also call this the see-think-act process, which may help you better understand how you can design your website, post on social media, and create effective ads and promotions that get results.

Creating a customer journey should feel like you’re writing a story about how someone became your happy customer. Buyer personas come in very handy here to help focus in on the actual behavior that an individual would have. 

As a quick example, Tina the urban homeschooling mom, sees your ad over time in the homeschooling magazine that she visits online and in print issues. At some point she is thinking about trying a different learning approach so she’s actively researching and discovering options. After considering all the options, she chooses to go with your company and acts on your offer to purchase one of your products. 

While this customer journey story is a bit vague in an effort to relate to most of the people reading this, it’s one method of getting the big picture to understand how you can be relevant to your buyers in these different stages. 

Let’s also add one more step to this for the important process of retention. You also want your new customers to care about your business. Nurture them with an authentic post-purchase experience to turn them into one of your long-time loyal customers, who will likely help others move through your customer journey stages quicker! 

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