Which is Better: Mobile Advertising or Online Advertising?

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Mobile advertising, also known as in-app advertising, has been repeatedly hailed as the fastest-growing digital channel over the last few years. The industry is responding to the rise in mobile use with steady innovation in app development and the expansion of advertising opportunities to reach dedicated app users. 

As stated in a report from eMarketer on mobile use, “In 2019, for the first time, US consumers will spend more time with their mobile devices than they do watching TV.” How much of that time spent on their mobile device is spent in apps? About 90%.

As the number of apps on your mobile device can likely attest to, there are a lot more options in the marketplace now than in the past when Facebook and Twitter were the popular choices for device apps. With a wide range of apps across various industries, users spend minimal time on their mobile browsers.

While digital advertising on websites is still an effective means of reaching an audience, in-app advertising is becoming the more popular choice. Read through a few reasons why mobile advertising is effective.

  • App users are more connected to the content within the app and so are more likely to respond to banner ads and push notifications than they are to respond to advertising in their browser.
  • Since mobile devices are more often used by one person (unlike desktop and laptop computers), the device data is more representative of a single user, which makes the in-app environment a highly targeted location to create effective and personal advertising touchpoints.
  • Apps provide much greater targeting capabilities. Instead of relying on cookies and JavaScript tags, like digital web advertising does, SDK-enabled app inventory provides rich device ID data, which includes latitude and longitude and other key demographics.
  • You can choose those apps that would be most effective when it comes to reaching your market, whether it be based on the use of the app or on the mindset users are in while they’re using specific apps. 

As with any advertising avenue, you should educate yourself on ad creation strategies and best practices. Mobile app use is only growing, and the opportunities to reach those users should be part of your customer acquisition strategy. 

Learn more about our advertising options through our mobile app and online locations to help you reach the segment of the homeschooling market that is right for your business.

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