How To Do Digital Marketing Experiments and Tests

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Reaching out to an audience with your marketing is sort of like giving them a perfect gift. How do you discover the perfect gift for someone? You consider what you know about them and what you’ve seen them enjoy in the past and search for one or more things that would be a good fit. The people you know well are likely the easier ones to find the right gift for, and it works the same way in your marketing. Get to know what the perfect gift is through digital marketing experiments and tests.

There are many ways to get to know the demographics of the market you are advertising in. Check out a few tips in our article How to Get Demographics Data for Marketing. You can also get to know your audience better with experiments and tests and receive real-time reactions to your marketing. This additional data will help you optimize your strategy for stronger campaigns with more impact. 

Digital Marketing Experiments and Tests Explained

We’re not talking about science lessons here, but marketing experiments have the same components, and if you’re familiar with the scientific method then you’ve got the foundation to get started:

  • Brainstorm some questions you want your experiment to answer and pick one.
  • State a prediction, or hypothesis, about what you think the outcome will be. 
  • Collect research to support your hypothesis.
  • Conduct the experiment and record your data.

Review the results of your experiment to come to a conclusion about whether your hypothesis is right and what adjustments you want to make to your marketing approach.

Get better educated with HubSpot’s article, How to Conduct the Perfect Marketing Experiment.

Experiments are a form of market research and are used to gain deeper insight into your audience. You want to experiment when you are looking for new data and for discovery. 

In contrast, marketing tests are done to understand the actions of your audience. You want to test when you have two or more variables for an audience to take action on. Learn about some testing options in SmartBug’s article, 6 Inbound Marketing Testing Methods You Should be Utilizing

Knowing is Half the Battle

Excellent campaigns don’t just happen. They are created from knowledge obtained about the market you are advertising in. Whether you are in the education industry or trying to reach the growing homeschooling market with products in other industries, the demographics, spending habits, and market segments will be the foundation you need to build an effective marketing strategy. 

You can develop stronger campaigns with engaging words, eye-catching graphics, and ad placements that get noticed and acted on. There is a lot of information available and many different methods to collect what you need to know, but investing the time and resources will give you a boost in business and attract the people you created your products and services for. 

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