Low-Cost Marketing Strategy for the Homeschooling Market

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Are you looking for a marketing bundle where your ad doesn’t get lost in the content and doesn’t take a big chunk of your advertising budget? 

The Spotlight eBlasts, sent out once a month, were designed to provide a low-cost option for our advertisers but still provide a dedicated ad spot that relates to their business focus. With a maximum of five companies sharing an email, the topic-driven content gains special interest from our audience that allows for a memorable impression of your company and products. 

In addition, this inbox marketing option gives you a basic integrated marketing approach at the lowest tier and allows for an even healthier marketing campaign delivered over various advertising channels and platforms through bigger packages. Package A and Package B build on the basic Spotlight Package to give online and offline ads at a considerable price reduction to give you repeated impressions with the homeschooling audience. 

Review many other options for inbox advertising on the Media Kit and read below for the basic details of the Spotlight packages. 

As you can see from the November Spotlight, this is an ad avenue where you have a graphic, text, and a link to your website in an email focused on a specific topic. There are a maximum of five companies in a Spotlight email, and there is additional promotion of the email on our four social media channels and on our website

Additional packages are available to give your company more exposure with social media ads (Package A) and an ad in our magazine that is published in print and digitally (Package B). 

Check out a few of the themes in the upcoming Spotlights and see all the themes for 2021 on the Media Kit

  • February: For the Love of Reading   
  • March: STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math!
  • April: High School to Higher Ed
  • May: History and Geography
  • June: Math for the Whole Family
  • July: Family Life – Travel and Leisure

Would you like to explore the different approaches, like the Spotlight packages, to effectively advertise in the home-education industry? Our sales professionals will give you personal help with your advertising needs to reach the segment of the homeschooling market that is right for your business. If you’re already connected to one of our sales representatives, you can contact that person directly or contact us for personal help with your advertising needs.

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