Web Banners: Balance Graphics, Text and Boldness

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Web banners are considered one of the most effective methods of marketing online. These ad placements result in an increase of brand recognition and traffic to your website by placing your banner in suitable locations and using some basic design principles.

To make this type of display ad work, your design goal should be to establish trust and use clever hooks to encourage consumers to buy into your company, as well as your product.

Like any advertising avenue, the effectiveness of your ad relies on the right balance of images, text, and impact. 

Every web banner should have three basic components:

  1. Your company logo for brand awareness and recognition – make it noticeable but not as prominent as your offer or call to action.
  2. Your product offer to get viewers’ attention – make it simple and showcase just one product or service.
  3. Your call to action that entices viewers to click – provide a clear message about what to do and why.

Companies use web banner marketing because of the affordable rates, measurable analytics, and various options in size and position. When basic design guidelines are applied, banner ads can be a stable part of your marketing strategy.

Take a look at these banner ad critiques to guide you in creating the most effective representation of your business. 

Also, take a glance through this Top 5 List of design tips to keep in mind for your next display ad campaign.

  1. Keep content and visuals simple – viewers will only glance at your ad for a second or two to determine if it relates to them.
  2. Make your headline and body text different sizes – all copy should be four lines or less (dependent on banner size). 
  3. Consider your use of animated web banners – they usually perform better than static banners, but think about whether the movement flows with your message or distracts from what you’re offering. You want to subtly get their attention, not annoy them.
  4. Create a strong call to action – these are clickable ads taking viewers to your website so your design should focus on that end result, even though brand awareness is happening with impressions alone.
  5. Take into account the mood and colors of the page your banner will be on – it’s beneficial to complement the website your banner will be seen on which will increase trust within the ad, encouraging more users to click on it. If an ad is too contrasting and sticks out like a sore thumb, users tend to be turned off as they know that they are receiving a sales pitch.

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