When to Use Push vs. Pull Marketing Strategies

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A past blog post shared push-advertising information about app and web notifications. This is one of the more recent, and less intrusive, advertising options for push marketing, which are methods of taking a marketing message to the consumer to increase their interest in a product. 

As one example, a homeschooling company will often use push-marketing strategies when launching a new product or when expanding into new markets. Some traditional push-marketing strategies are TV and radio ad spots, street banners, social media ads, and website banners.

In comparison, pull marketing is using strategies to attract new and past customers who are searching for your type of product or solution to their problem. Some pull-marketing examples would be targeted social media ads, search engine optimization, blogging, guest posting, and product reviews or testimonials.

These push and pull strategies can also be categorized as outbound and inbound advertising. Both are valuable to your business and serve a purpose in moving the customer along the buying journey. Think of push strategies as a more immediate way to move a customer from the awareness stage to purchase, while pull strategies create an ongoing relationship with your brand. 

In the current educational climate, there are more people searching for alternative education options than ever before. While they may not know about your company or products yet, if you’re offering an alternative to public education, you have exceptional opportunities to be introduced.

In the essence of “pulling” potential customers toward you, a campaign that focuses on guiding  parents with content on your website, social media platforms (something with viral potential would be good), or user-generated content through reviews and testimonials are some low-cost ways to stand out while you’re helping parents who are concerned about the educational well-being of their children. 

When you want to draw people to your product, pull strategies can be a consistent form of growing your customer base. Focus on creating loyal customers by providing marketing that showcases what they’re looking for.

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