New Subscriber Email Campaign Ideas

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Your email list is almost as important as your customer list. Even though you’ll have email subscribers who may never purchase from you, those recipients are still assets of your company. Having an audience that is truly yours (as opposed to a “borrowed” audience on your social media accounts) will ensure you have a source of attention for tips, offers, and sales.

However, to respectfully gain their attention, you have to give them regular attention. Read on for inspiration about email campaign ideas aimed at new subscribers. Once it is set up, it will be sent to all new subscribers to quickly get them familiar with your brand. 

Guidelines and Email Campaign Ideas

Set up an email drip campaign in your favorite email marketing program with a minimum of four emails to provide little chunks of information about why your business matters to your new subscriber. 

Welcome Email 

The first email should be a warm welcome and include a few words about what they can expect from future emails. They should receive the first email immediately after signing up, and it wouldn’t hurt to point them to a really helpful page on your website.

Although it’s best to make the warm welcome front and center, your welcome email has the potential to convert a new subscriber into a customer with a special offer, as well as make them more engaged with your brand overall. According to Invesp:

  • Welcome emails on average generate up to 320% more revenue per email basis than other promotional emails.
  • Subscribers who receive a welcome email show 33% more engagement with the brand.
  • Welcome emails have 14.4% click rate compared to just 2.7% in other types.

Take Action Email 

The next email should encourage your reader to take some type of action. Encourage them to click a link to get to know you better and receive something of value, like: 

  • Checking out what you offer on your social media profile or group
  • Downloading content from your website
  • Reading popular content on your blog
  • Viewing a video that shows your company giving tips and advice

Wherever you want to take them, it must deliver value; so make it your best stuff! This email is important to measure the conversion rate of subscribers opening the email and taking action. The more engaged a subscriber is with your emails, the more likely they are to stay on your list for the long term.

Sharing Email 

Make your next email a bit personal. Share how your business got started—the why and when. Then ask them to share about themselves. Depending on your email strategy, you may want to ask questions to segment your subscribers into groups that you can then market to more personally. Or perhaps you can send a “reply with how I can help you” type of email to receive individual answers that can give you good information about your email audience. 

You can also create a short questionnaire (maximum three to four questions) and ask people to respond on topics related to your business. 

Can You Help? Email 

People enjoy being given the opportunity to help others. Build your subscriber relationship by giving them an offer to help. It could be to help you by asking them to share some information so that you can do business better or create better products. It could be to help others through your business by sharing something in an article or video that you will put on your website or social media account. Or it could be something else that would genuinely help others. 

Keep in Touch with Regular Emails

Those are four content options to get set up with a drip campaign and nurture new subscribers. Space the emails apart two to three days and add more emails in your new subscriber campaign as it fits with your approach. You’ll also want to be sending periodic emails consistently, not letting any more than one week lapse between sends. 

There are various other reasons to set up a drip campaign and use email automation to be more effective in your business. Find more email campaign ideas from this extensive article from Automizy that shows you a variety of ways to use campaigns and other automation triggers to better serve your subscribers. 

You can also check out the Schoolhouse Marketing blog for information on creating a free offer to get subscribers and best practices for the landing page to present that offer. 

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