Low Cost Options for Marketing a Small Business Online

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Communicating with potential and current customers about your business is done in different ways. The important part of communicating is to do it regularly. Depending on the type of communication and what you want out of it, that regularity will differ as well. 

Marketing a small business online takes time. It’s a busy digital world, but that is the place where a big percentage of your future customers are looking for you. Whatever your business and whatever your budget, you can reach the segment of the homeschooling audience (and other markets) that are right for your products in several low-cost ways. 

The first step above all else is to firmly establish your mission – your reason for being in business – in your mind. As you develop the strategy that will consistently put your branding and products in front of new eyes, consider the different ways you can speak to their values and desires in your graphics and text. 

Explore and take action on these basic no-cost and low-cost promotion options:

  • Optimize your website for search engines and user experience. Learn more with our article, Make Your Website Design appealing and Accommodating.
  • Set up a business account on at least one social media platform and make consistent posts. Do your research and determine where your ideal customers are and make your presence professional and consistent. Determine what your level of consistency is and stick to that schedule.
  • Have a collection of quality graphics and copy to use and provide to others. This will have you prepared to take advantage of every promotion opportunity that comes up. 
  • For low-cost paid advertising, look for ad placements that give you long-term exposure, like web banners; options to repurpose existing content, like social media ads; or inbox marketing to a large audience like our Spotlight and Specialty eBlasts

Be consistent in your marketing effort whether it’s maintaining an active website, being available and relatable on social media, or purchasing ad spots with a defined audience. A personal touch and friendly presence will give you the upper hand marketing your small business in that busy digital world. 

What is especially important is what your website visitors experience once they get to your site from your promotion efforts. Don’t waste your time and money on advertising and promotion if your website isn’t optimized to be welcoming and convenient for visitors. You can be communicating effectively through your ads and inbound marketing activities, but end up losing your audience if they go to a website that doesn’t align with what they expect. Their expectations come from the ad, post or referral they saw AND how your website aligns with the general design and layout of their other online experiences. 

You also want to move your customer along the buyer’s journey with the right message for the stage they’re at. Read our article, Customer Journey Stages for the Home Education Market, and get clear on how to craft your messages to speak to each stage.
Receive individual attention that will help you reach the segment of the homeschooling market that is right for your business by contacting us for personal help with your advertising needs.

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