Email Marketing for Every Budget

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There is a lot of advice you can get on using email to generate leads and engage your current customers. Whether it be in the form of do’s and don’ts, creative ideas, or how-to’s there is no shortage of recommendations and best practices to use email marketing effectively. 

While I do encourage you to gain knowledge in various strategies to reach your target market, I also want to encourage you not to get so lost in all the information and training that you don’t do anything at all or you take action inconsistently. You may find the best way to improve is to just do it—and maybe do it imperfectly. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Making an impact can happen with the simplest of actions. 

Small Steps for your Email Influence

If you haven’t done much to grow your email list, then here are two tasks for your email marketing plan: 

If you haven’t been consistently contacting your subscribers, here are one or two tasks to complete: 

If you are actively growing your list of interested subscribers and are keeping in contact regularly, then it’s time to get into the deeper details of using email marketing to grow your customer base and your brand. Here are a couple of articles that give you some do’s and don’ts and provide more advanced strategies: 

Grow Your List with Our List

Our inbox advertising options will help you reach more homeschooling families with your message. Intrigue our subscribers with basic text and graphic ads in our weekly eNews and targeted messages in our themed eBlasts, or get their undivided attention with a Dedicated eBlast.

Are you using storytelling to gain attention and interest? You can “show” a short story in an ad and really engage your readers with an in-depth story on your website pages, social media accounts, and emails. The show-don’t-tell writing technique is what enables the reader to experience the content through actions, feelings, and visuals rather than just reading the features and benefits description. Fiction writing is all about sensory perception, and that’s a similar concept to how you can use creative writing in your marketing copy. 

Create an engaging message to motivate our homeschooling audience to check out your website and offer. Be sure to provide a way to sign up for your email list on your landing page. 

We have various specialized solutions to help you reach the best segment of the homeschooling market for your business. Let us know how we can serve you. You can also learn more about our email marketing options through our Inbox Advertising to help you reach the segment of the homeschooling market that is right for your business.

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