Know Your Business Objectives for Effective Marketing

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Why are you in business? 

You have your reasons and I bet they have a lot to do with helping others with your products and services. There’s purpose in your business overall and the goal is to get that purpose dialed in with your marketing. 

To influence an audience’s attitude and/or behavior, you need to use the strategies and messaging of advertising to show the benefits of your product or service. 

Measuring the effectiveness of your advertising is important, but successful campaigns aren’t just about how many new customers you acquired or the click-through to your site. Depending on your advertising objectives, your marketing efforts won’t always be measurable with data.

Know Your Objective 

Your objective or purpose for an ad or advertising campaign will fall into one of these three categories:

  • To inform and bring awareness. You may be introducing your brand, product, or service or providing a reminder of your product’s benefits. Give the basic message of what your product or company does for your customer.
  • To persuade and encourage action. The action could be providing their email address, viewing a video, downloading an app, or just simply clicking a link to your website. 
  • To make sales. While it’s possible to make sales with the other objectives (even though that wasn’t your purpose), when you’ve got this focus for a specific ad, then you’ll be encouraging action in an online store or a visit or call to a physical location. 

Facebook’s advertising platform uses a similar breakdown of objectives into Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion and expands to 11 defined goals with these objectives for your ad. Depending on the goal selected, Facebook will offer different ad design features and show the ad in different places to provide the best outcome for the objective. 

While the science of the Facebook advertising platform and algorithms is beyond the scope of this article, it does show that an ad created with a focused objective is meant to correctly position your brand in the mind of the customer. Whether it’s to inform, to persuade, or to make sales, advertising is an investment that doesn’t immediately result in revenue. 

The purpose of advertising is to inform people about your company or products in various ways, ideally having them connect with you through your social media accounts and email list and eventually be interested in buying your products. Boost your interaction with potential customers without always trying to make a sale, and you can realize profits in the long run as a result of brand recall and positive impressions. 

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