Video Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

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Using video in business promotion is a common way to market, but a well-thought-out video marketing strategy is essential to not wasting your time and money. To make better use of this promotion method, create more strategic and impactful videos by thinking through the purpose of your video content and planning out how you’re going to produce and promote each one. 

All of your strategizing and planning in marketing should be rooted in your mission. Start your video marketing strategy by clarifying what makes your company different and what existing customers rave about. What drives your actions as a company? What are your most important values? What needs to be communicated about your company and products?

Then move on to goals you want to achieve overall with your videos, and start with some of those ideas to make individual videos. 

Go through these five steps to use video effectively:

  1. Set goals for the impact you want to make with video content. Consider what a video, or a series of videos, will do to improve your business (e.g., create brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, grow your audience on a certain social media platform, provide greater understanding of your products or services, achieve more engagement with your audience, etc.).
  2. Determine who you are speaking to in your videos. This is your ideal customer and is best defined through a buyer persona. You could have more than one customer profile, so include as many as you have for your products and services. 
  3. Establish where the best places are to promote your video. This could be your website and social media profiles and/or a variety of other no-cost and paid placements.
  4. Start to develop a list of video topics and ideas. You will add to this list regularly as you come across video marketing ideas that will work well for your business. This list will be what you will work from to create individual videos. See some ideas in A Low Budget (and Easy) Video Marketing Strategy
  5. Write down a general promotion plan for each of your videos. While some may be simply uploaded to your social media to achieve one of your goals, determine a few ways you can promote and repurpose video content to maximize the reach and impact of every video. 

These five steps can be used to create a guide to develop a plan for each of your videos. Use this one-page video marketing template to get focused and outline the details for your video topics. Alternatively, you can create your own template that more clearly defines the plan of your videos from concept to video upload and includes the action steps for the promotion of each one. 

The online video world is a noisy place, but it is still highly effective when you have a defined strategy behind why your video exists. With a strategy and plan in place, you will cut through that noise and be more effective in your marketing efforts. 

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