Small Business Marketing Strategy for Pinterest

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Are you up for a creative approach to your small business marketing strategy? Pinterest is a serious contender for reaching homeschool moms and appealing to them as they plan purchases and search for solutions. This platform allows you to share ideas and inspire like no other social network can do.

While there are other social media sites that have more users, Pinterest users are in a different mindset when they are on the site. As an example, a homeschool mom may be using the site to collect ideas for what she wants for her home, her children’s education, her travel plans, or her meal preparation. She may even create a board or two for her own personal hobbies or activities.

Would you like to be part of a homeschool moms’ collection of options for whatever area of her life your products and services help with? 

With over 86 million Pinterest users in the United States and over 433 million monthly active users worldwide (Statista report May 2022), this platform should have a special spot in your marketing approach.

Pinterest Promotion Points

If you’re not on Pinterest, you may not realize how the platform is used by its “pinners.” Read through these brief points to see how businesses can benefit from posting on Pinterest. 

  • Pinterest is based on sharing visuals, making it one of the biggest search engines for visual content.
  • Users or “pinners,” can create, organize, and share images and videos from other websites and search them as well.
  • Images and videos that users upload (along with their links, hashtags, and descriptions) are known as pins, which can be organized into virtual bulletin boards.
  • These boards can be themed as the user desires, can be made public or private, and can be followed by other users if it’s a public board.
  • Visuals can be shared in three ways: manually uploading a graphic and adding a description and link; repinning and sharing visuals discovered through a user’s feed; or repinning and sharing visuals discovered through a search on the platform.
  • Boards can be created for a variety of reasons: to collect ideas, to inspire, to share options on a certain topic, to inform and educate, to plan and research purchases, or just for fun!

Pinterest is on the smaller size when compared to other social media platforms, but user engagement is higher and the purpose of being on the site is different than any other social network.

Pinterest has been increasing in favor as the go-to tool for many businesses and bloggers that are looking for an effective platform to spend their time on and drive traffic to their site. This can be a very productive part of your small business marketing strategy where you can be more than a page to follow. With some creative visuals and description, you can help many people with their purchasing decisions by producing educational content for each stage of the customer journey

Ready to learn more? Read through this Hubspot article, The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Pinterest for Marketing and get ready to add Pinterest to your small business marketing strategy.

Go and see our boards on Pinterest to understand more about how you can organize your visuals and create pins on different topics. 

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