Make a List of Business Strategies From Your Mission and Purpose

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What does your company mission statement say? You have one, right? And you’ve looked at it in the past six months?

Mission statements are a useful guiding point as a business is being developed. It can be quite invigorating to craft a concise paragraph about the purpose of being in business during the excitement of starting a new venture. However, if you’re not attentive to the mission of the company you’ve built or work for then it can be difficult to develop effective business strategies, especially when it comes to marketing.

All of your strategizing and planning in marketing should be rooted in your mission. 

It explains why your business exists and becomes the compass that defines your growth and keeps you on track with what matters. When your business strategies and goals support your mission statement, you will make more of an impact because they reinforce one another. 

Not only does a good mission statement help everyone in the company make the right decisions, it also helps your customers know the heart of your business when they understand your motives in commerce. Although every business has a goal to make a profit, backing that with the purpose of serving your customer shows the true value that you offer. 

State that mission proudly on a page of your website, so visitors can connect with you on an emotional level and know what sets you apart and why you serve them in the way that you do. 

Meaning and Relationship Marketing 

Promotion shouldn’t be just about making a sale. If you can back your promotion with a meaningful message, then you will attract customers who are looking for a long-term relationship. It is essential to have a clear description of how and why you provide value that you can share with your customers and staff to keep you on-track in your business activities. 

As you are planning a new campaign, setting goals for your business or developing new products and services, you should be able to confirm that they align with your mission. When they do, everyone will have an easier time in their marketing roles of creating compelling elements that fulfill the company mission. This is also the focus of relationship marketing. 

This definition from ManyChat in their article “Relationship Marketing: What it is, Examples, and How to Use It” speaks to the goal of a mission statement as it relates to relationship marketing:

Relationship marketing is the process of building long-term connections and customer trust over short-term goals, such as individual sales. The goal of relationship marketing is to create personalized and engaging interactions that develop an emotional connection with customers.

Working towards a mission inspires us to channel our diverse backgrounds, experiences, talents, and energy into serving causes that truly matter to us and our communities. With a clearly stated mission statement, you and your co-workers know your overarching goal and use that as the inner drive that moves the company towards growth and innovation. 

Create or adjust your mission statement with these three steps and get to know the mission statement that drives us forward at The Old Schoolhouse®.

Then create your business strategies list in different areas of marketing and operations while always connecting to your stated mission and/or vision statement. 

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