A Low Budget (and Easy) Video Marketing Strategy

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The two main goals of marketing are: create engaging content that builds your brand and tells your story, and generate quality leads to grow your business. Your marketing strategy can include various ways to do this, and hopefully, you are using the power of video to attain these goals. People rely on video more than ever before to research and discover new products for their families and to get better acquainted with the companies they already know. Reach your audience with video to develop personalized connections and build trust with current and potential customers. 

Sharing your company and your products should be strategic, but don’t get lost in the process. If you haven’t created any marketing videos yet, then the simple advice is to get started with one! It doesn’t have to be amazing or be a result of hours of recording, editing, and YouTube customizing (and it doesn’t even have to be published). 

Of course, the goal is to have a video marketing strategy that results in compelling content that gets published (and ideally go viral, right!), but start with the basics, get into a routine, and grow from there. Here’s a short list of some good content to share through video that your audience would love to watch: 

  • Answer a common question about your company or products.
  • Give a behind-the-scenes look at product development, customer care, or other business activity.
  • Showcase the problem that you solve with your products.
  • Describe solutions of some common frustrations of those starting to use your product.
  • Demonstrate your expertise.

If showcasing your face on camera makes you feel a little uneasy, then don’t start with that. Showing someone’s face on some videos is the personal touch people will relate well to, but there are lots of video creation programs that will engage your viewers wonderfully like Doodly, Animoto, or Lumen5

Learn some stats about how businesses are using video and be inspired by this article with lots of ideas for video content and direction in video creation.

Definitely showcase your products and share your company story, but also remember to create videos that will help your audience in other ways than just making a purchase. Use your video marketing strategy to grow and nurture relationships and interest which naturally result in lead generation. 


Live Video Streaming to the Homeschool Market

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