Email Marketing Strategy: Themed Content

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In our last article, we shared the finer details on one of our low-cost inbox advertising options, the monthly Spotlight eBlasts. Another one of our inbox marketing products is similar in the email layout and that it focuses on a specific topic but provides more reach, more impressions, and hooks the attention of our audience in a different way. By creating a themed eBlast, this email marketing strategy helps recipients see the unique offerings of each company and allows them to easily compare different options on a given subject. 

The Speciality eBlast allows for a maximum of 8 companies in the email. These annual themes have a special appeal to our audience and are anticipated by our long-time email recipients and social media following. 

This type of marketing bundle benefits the advertisers with the consistency of the annual themes to the homeschooling market as well as the addition of individual ads for each company in our eNews and social media platforms. 

As you can see from our themes listed below, these Specialty eBlasts can be an option for any company as long as their ad is following the email focus (except for the May eBlast on Higher Ed and Dual Enrollment, which is pretty specific to that industry). As described more thoroughly in this article, families that choose home education are buying many products and services outside the education industry, and this ad avenue offers a cost-effective opportunity to be in front of that rapidly growing market. 

We also use this Specialty eBlast package to provide our advertisers with repeated impressions on different platforms to get noticed and remembered as a top-of-mind company when the desire or need for a product or service comes up for them. 

You can check out more details about this advertising option on our Media Kit but read below for the basics about themes and the product bundle and see the look of our most recent Black Friday Specialty eBlast.


Annual Themes

Homeschool Resources Under $25 – Releases in January

Convention Deals and Steals (vendor must provide a sale or discount to be included in this eBlast) – Releases in March

Higher Ed and Dual Enrollment – Releases in May

Homeschool Shopping Days – Releases in July

Black Friday (vendor must provide a sale or discount to be included in this eBlast) – Releases in November 


Product Details

  • 8 spots available
  • One Enhanced Text Ad in The Homeschool Minute eNewsletter of choice (based upon availability)
  • One Social Media Package:  1 Facebook mention, 1 Twitter post, 1 Pinterest pin, and 1 Instagram post (each with boosts)
  • Pre-promotion in The Homeschool Minute (teaser alert) the Wednesday prior to the release

Would you like to explore the different approaches to advertising in the home education industry? Our sales professionals will give you personal help with your advertising needs to reach the segment of the homeschooling market that is right for your business. If you’re already connected to one of our sales representatives, you can contact that person directly or contact us for personal help with your advertising needs.


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