Push Notification Benefits, Basics and Bonuses

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Businesses have been leveraging push notification ads for some time now, getting engagement from mobile users and experiencing high click-through rates and impressive conversion rates. This advertising avenue has been around long enough for marketers to realize its benefits, but it’s still new enough for there to be continued growth in platforms and new discoveries in marketing strategy.

Push Notification Advertising Basics

The general components of a push ad are a short line of text that will be the notification message (like an alert message) and a link that users are taken to when the notification message is tapped on.  

While components are minimal, the creative effort is substantial. To make this type of advertising convert well, you need to create short, enticing messages and take them to a page that has a strong yet welcoming call to action. Don’t mistake this direct form of communication as simple, though. Just like any advertising format, you need to be creative and aim to catch the user’s attention at the right day and time. 

Push Notification Benefits

There are many effective strategies that can be used to incorporate push notifications in your existing campaigns and to develop fresh ideas with push messages. Since users are prompted to allow push notifications and can easily opt out from apps and websites, you have a fairly captivated audience to engage and appeal to. Here are some quick points that show why this advertising option is steadily growing.

  • Push notification messages are more memorable and meaningful to your audience because they are delivered right to the user’s screen even when they are not searching the web or interacting with an app.
  • Cost of push notification advertising is comparatively lower than SMS, paid emails, or traditional native web placements. 
  • Push notification receives 100% delivery rate unlike other forms of advertising that can be blocked by ad blockers or spam filters.
  • Notifications are almost always read, making an impression even if the user doesn’t tap or click on the message.
  • Mobile users download apps that appeal to their interests, which makes push notifications through apps related to your industry a highly targeted advertising option.

Whether you’ve got your own app to message with or seek out other apps your audience is using, consider how to use this option with your overall strategy and approach of customer acquisition and nurturing. There is a very limited number of characters for your message, so be sure to use powerful marketing words in your short message. Push notification advertising requires a bit more creative work than other ad formats, but when done right, this to-the-point type of exposure provides exceptional conversion rates. See our mobile app push notification options on our Media Kit. 

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