Why Reviews Are Important for Branding

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Advertising and branding opportunities have changed quite a bit over the last couple of decades. Technology has played a big part in the changing face of marketing, mostly by providing numerous important ways to connect with your audience. Company and product reviews can be received in various forms. Reaching the right people through email is simpler and more efficient than it once was. An active social media presence is a game-changer. Online advertising provides a narrowly targeted approach to reaching your market. Video, podcasting, content, live events—these are all ways that you can reach your current and future customers. 

Homeschooling parents regularly take action on digital advertising, but not just any digital advertising that comes in their sight. They are more likely to engage with businesses because of content from influencers and trusted sources of information. 

You sharing your story through various marketing avenues isn’t as good as someone else sharing your story. And even better is someone sharing about their experience with your company and products online, where good news can travel fast! Having a trusted source post or blog about your product, in any part of your target market, will likely give you more engagement and credibility than you could obtain with most digital ad placements. The power is in the story that the influencer will tell in connection with your company

Encouraging homeschool parents to share about your products will help you build awareness of your company. Product and business reviews provide significant social proof that keeps bringing in traffic years down the road. This online word-of-mouth style of promotion is what we developed our Homeschool Review Crew around. We have a growing pool of homeschoolers with an online following who love to do reviews! 

Consumers regularly search out reviews to help them make purchases, and you can use reviews—which you can collect in a variety of ways—for many different promotional and branding purposes as our article Market Your Brand Using Customer Reviews describes.  

When you know where your ideal customer is getting informed about things related to your industry, you can use creative marketing strategies to gain interest from the influencers and have them share genuine reviews of your company. 

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