Distinctive Graphics That Gain Attention

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The digital world is full of images that are trying to gain the attention of individuals who are inundated with content of every kind. Half the battle of crafting your marketing message is making it distinctive in a sea of competing influences. Graphic design needs to take into account the purpose of the graphic, but thought also has to be put into designing something that will stand out in the crowd and get your target audience interested in what you offer. 

Posts and ads on social media should follow the various best practices that are specific to that platform. Some ad platforms have detailed rules of wording and images which, if not followed, will result in the ad not being shown to many people or being completely rejected. 


We have a Social Media Ads Best Practices Cheat Sheet that provides you with these details:

  • How social media platforms analyze text and graphics
  • General guidelines to create effective copy and graphics
  • Do’s and don’ts for all elements of your ad
  • Platform specific tips and specs 

Whether you are posting an ad on the platform yourself or purchasing an ad from us for our professional marketers to post on our account, these best practices will be vital to getting the best reach and conversion for your ad. 

The graphics are generally the most important part of any promotion you may be doing. That includes the graphics on your website, on your products, and in any other location you may be seen. You want to be knowledgeable about the general guidelines of designing effective graphics, but you also want to get beyond the basics of the right images and the right amount of text to have your graphics tell a meaningful story. That’s the key to getting your audience interested in the high-traffic world of digital marketing. 

An infographic is an image that shares information, data, or knowledge quickly and clearly in a visually striking way. This type of graphic design became very popular around 2010 and is now a common promotional strategy to visually represent a story or concept. This type of graphic can be used in print and digital platforms for a variety of purposes. Read and learn about infographic design from Venngage

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