Show How You Are Better than the Competition With a Solid Unique Selling Proposition

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Homeschoolers (and most consumers) are overwhelmed with buying options. Whether it’s learning material, household products, family experiences, or the many other types of purchases they make, there are many companies vying for their attention.

Who gets the attention? The businesses that are able to communicate the unique qualities of their business concisely. When you can pinpoint what makes your company and products unique in a busy world of competing interest, you’ve established your unique selling proposition (USP).

Your USP will guide all your branding and marketing decisions, but most importantly it will be an effective method of creating a positive impression in the eyes of your potential customers. It will be the difference between standing out and getting lost in the crowd.

What Makes You Different?

Your company likely offers products that are similar to the offerings of many other companies. But there is something different about what your company offers: the products themselves, the reason behind your startup, or the way in which you deliver your products or services. Keeping focused on what makes you different and unique in the market, answer the following questions:

  • What are you selling? (the simple description of your products)
  • Why are you in business? (the “heart” of your business)
  • Why do people want what you offer? (how does it help them, or how will they get something better from your company)
  • What is your top customer-focused business goal? (how you serve your customers)

With these answers thought out and written out,  you are ready to craft your unique selling proposition. This should be a simple statement of about 5-8 words that embody your business benefits in a nutshell. Do some brainstorming with others, write out various options, and take several days to ponder the possibilities. Once you have created the perfect USP, it will be an integral part of your marketing toolbox.

For some inspiration, examples of how companies are using their unique selling propostion and further direction on creating your USP (be sure to scroll down past the examples), check out Shopify’s article What a Unique  Selling Proposition Is (And Isn’t) Plus 10 Examples to Inspire You.

When you clearly communicate what differentiates your company and products from the competition, you can create curiosity in your audience that moves them to customer status.

Ready to create promotional components with your USP? See our blog post on integrated marketing for a strategy that expands your message across various platforms.

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