Repurpose Content from Reviews into Video

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You are always producing content. Even when you don’t think you are. Your one-on-one conversations with others about what your business offers and how you help your customers is a prime example of passive content creation. One simple way to repurpose content is to take the words from these free-flowing conversations and create something that even more people can read, hear, or watch. 

Conversations make for a great form of sharing, and for many, the starting point of creating content was when they first shared their business idea. As you progress in business, you are also in need of the recorded type of content that can be distributed through different platforms. Examples of this would be:

  • articles on your website
  • short-form sharing of expertise through social media posts
  • relatable tips and inspiration given through audio files/podcasting
  • regular contact with audience through email (where you can easily point towards all of your other forms of content) 
  •  Visual content through video and graphics

Create a Content Development Plan to Repurpose Content

From this basic list you can develop a long-running system of repurposing content across your different distribution channels to make the best use of your time and resources. Developing an actual plan—a thought-out and written-out content development plan—will provide you and your team with a process that you can put in place to streamline your marketing efforts. 

Planning your content and how you are going to reuse that content in the future will make a huge difference in your effectiveness as a content creator. Plan out the future use of what you create for your business when your brain is already on that topic, and you’ll reduce the time you spend on this part of your marketing AND be more consistent in your marketing efforts overall.

Turn Reviews into Videos

One of the great places to get content to repurpose is to take a review written by a customer and create a video with it. If you don’t have a review on our site, written by one of our regular reviewers, then you should definitely set that up—not just because you can use that to make new video content but because you can also use reviews in many other ways. Learn more about that in our article Market Your Brand Using Customer Reviews.

Now on to the usable tips to repurpose the content from your reviews into video. Videos can be created in many different ways and in many different lengths. Here are some ideas for different length videos with a creative twist to appeal to viewers. 

  • 60-second Video: good for YouTube Shorts or Instagram Reels.
    • Take one paragraph from the review that is descriptive of your product and show that part of your product in the video while you voice-over with the content from the review. 
  • 1–5-Minute Video: good for home page teaser, an upload to any video platform and to have on hand to share for cross-promotion opportunities.
    • Make an explainer video with you (or someone from your company) talking about who you made the reviewed product for and then use the reviewer as an example. Share a bit from the review, but mainly you’ll have the link to the full review in the description section or near the video on your site. Focus on the type of person that you created this product for and share about the personal side of your business. 
  • 5+ Minute Video: good for product page, an upload to any video platform, and to share as a resource for inquiries about your product.   
    • Create a how-to video where you get to the nitty-gritty details about how to use your product. If your product is digital you may want to record your screen as you’re showing how someone would use your product. If your product is physical, focus the camera in on just the hands and your product. You can read through the review while you give a commentary about the reviewer’s experience. Also show some quoted text of the product features from the review in the video. 

These are just three video concepts that you can use to repurpose reviews into new content that can be used in a variety of ways. Start brainstorming with these ideas to come up with even more video creation opportunities. 

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