Higher Education Marketing Tips for Digital Campaigns

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The homeschool market includes a large segment of parents who are looking for educational options for their children after high school. However, you may want to use a slightly different approach to reach homeschool parents than what you do to reach parents who are currently sending their children to an institutional setting. Higher education marketing for homeschoolers should focus much more on the career outcomes and the unique values your college or university has to offer.

As you craft your compelling digital marketing campaigns to reach homeschooling families, go deeper with your brand story and how you can be of help to parents in guiding their children on to successful paths. You can create any number of marketing campaigns throughout the year that highlight your school’s unique offerings. This could be some of your courses, but most likely there are several schools that offer similar courses. Don’t be afraid to look deeper.

Maybe your teachers offer some unique quality, or the way a course is structured is unique in that field. Perhaps your school has some humble beginnings that have laid a foundation of exceptional quality in your educational approach. Whatever your unique selling proposition is, be sure to make it front and center on your landing page for homeschoolers, on your social media channels, and in your emails and videos. 

Three Compelling Campaign Strategies for Digital Reach

You don’t need any new digital marketing tools or to learn complex campaign strategies to spread your message far and wide. What you do need is a little planning and consistent execution. These three digital strategies use what you likely already have in new ways to share your established educational purpose. Each of these can be used exclusively in an integrated campaign or combined with a related message.

  1. Publish short form video with existing digital content. 
    • Take clips from longer videos and possibly change the audio as appropriate.
    • Use written reviews from past and current students by turning them into videos or shortening existing videos.
    • Make a montage video from video clips or images that show your brand story.
  2. Appeal to parents of early teens by offering guidance on career options. 
    • Develop a free “course” for parents and teens to help them work together to discover some ideal career possibilities.
    • Collect resources on one page of your website that provide personality and career tests for teens. 
    • Share a series of testimonials from graduating students on their satisfaction with their career choices.
  3. Show the experience future students will have at your school. 
    • Create graphics with smiling faculty, active students, and comfortable classes, along with casual text about the experience of the educational life on campus.
    • Highlight the graduating classes and the excitement of students moving on to their careers.
    • Record a school tour with a student tour guide to publish in long form and use clips for short-form videos.

Use these ideas in your higher education marketing plan to become a recognized name in the homeschool market. Let them know your story so you can be part of theirs. Homeschoolers have grown up being instilled with a love of learning. Show them how you can be part of their educational life. 

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