Build Rapport with These Email Marketing Tips

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Sending out messages to your email subscribers is one of the essential elements of running almost any kind of business. Depending on the industry, some approaches can be effective, and others can be detrimental to the growth of your business. 

You want to keep in contact but don’t want to send too many emails. You should make the email content personal but not oddly personal. Selling your products and offering sales is an expected part of your email strategy, but this shouldn’t be the only reason you appear in an inbox. 

email marketing tips

While there are several dos and don’ts for email marketing best practices, we’ve given you a brief summary below of the top five tips that work best for the homeschooling audience to build rapport and genuinely connect with those interested recipients.

  1. Use personalization as an email strategy, but do so in a meaningful way. It takes little knowledge or relationship to place someone’s name in your message. It shows far greater care to send a personalized email that is specific to a recipient’s needs and history. 
  2. Use subject lines that are either extremely short or extremely long. There tends to be a “dead zone” in the 60-70 character length so either pique their interest with a short 1-3 word subject or write an informative sentence about the content. 
  3. Use freebies to educate, entertain, and leave an impression. Show your subscribers you are the expert in your industry and that you’ve got the free offers to prove it! Give free digital products, complimentary sessions, and no-cost trials. Let them know of other impressive freebies from other companies.
  4. Use your email program’s automation tools to re-engage inactive subscribers. Give them a particularly special perk or give them a CTA to unsubscribe. This is good for them because they don’t really need what you offer if they don’t open any of your emails, and it’s good for you because an engaged list is much better than a big list. 
  5. Use an email marketing plan to be consistent and coordinated. Write out who your audience is, what they are interested in, the different ways subscribers can get on your list, the groups or segments into which you can organize your audience based on interests and/or source of signup, and of course, plan out your sending frequency and content. 

We’re flooded with email marketing campaigns in our inbox, and yes, some of it still feels like spam, but you can make a big impact with well-crafted messages and a genuine desire to help your subscribers with what you know.

You can do a lot of things with emails like sell products, share some news, improve your cart abandonment rate, or tell a story. These all help you connect with your audience, promote your brand, and increase sales.

Would you like to explore the different approaches to advertising in the home education industry? Our sales professionals will give you personal help with your advertising needs to reach the segment of the homeschooling market that is right for your business. We have inbox marketing products that will get you in front of our homeschooling audience in effective ways.