Connect to Your Market with These Branding Tips for Small Businesses

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Do you have a branding plan? One place where you describe your method of building a connection with your audience? Your logo and tagline would be included as well as the less-visual personality of your business. This is where you and everyone involved in your business has direction to create business practices, website copy, graphics, and campaigns so you are displaying a complementary and consistent image of your company across all platforms. By following these branding tips for small businesses you’ll confidently grow in your current market and be better positioned to move into new markets.

What Is a Brand?

A brand is made up of tangible and intangible elements. For instance, your logo is a visual representation of your company. It evokes emotion and speaks to your brand’s personality. Your identity, on the other hand, isn’t something concrete, but it is integral to building a connection with your audience.

All your branding elements work together to create a perception of your company. Take the time to thoughtfully craft each element to ensure your business resonates with your ideal customer. Use this short list of branding tips. For small businesses, these are your basics of branding that secure your place in the market.

  • Your company story and positioning
  • A tagline to describe what your business offers in a concise, short sentence (You may have 2 or 3 taglines if you serve different markets.)
  • Your mission statement and key values
  • Your target audience or audiences
  • Description of the voice and tone you want to use when communicating across all of your platforms
  • High-level copy that your team can use in assets (short descriptions of your company, specific wording for products, or advertising copy that can be used in various publications)

Is It Time to Adjust Your Brand?

There seems to be a 7-year itch in the business world that can only be relieved by reinventing your business structure and focus. This may come about due to the changes in your market, the need to modernize and refresh your company image and products, or because of the opportunity to grow into new markets. Read about one entrepreneur’s experience of reinventing his business on and how that helped him grow into new markets and help people in ways he didn’t initially plan on.

Branding is your way of reaching your market in a memorable and meaningful way. When you connect every aspect of your business activity, especially marketing, to your branding plan, you will likely find your ads perform better, your market is engaged with you more, and campaign and project development comes more easily. And when the need arises, you can more effectively pivot your company using some of these branding tips for small businesses and adjusting elements of your branding plan.

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