How to Gain Multiple Brand Impressions

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You only have one chance to make a first impression, or so the saying went—before we entered the digital era of marketing. With the majority of advertising now delivered digitally on screens, perhaps a modern twist on the familiar phrase could go something like, “Take every chance you get to make impressions.” 

Impressions in These Digital Days

But just what does today’s marketing term “impressions” mean? Impressions are a measure of digital marketing efforts including blog posts, ads, emails, and social media. Impressions tell how many people may have seen your digital content. 

It’s important to note that impressions do not necessarily translate to engagement, such as comments, clicks, or other interactions. Impressions simply measure any time your content was displayed on someone’s screen—though not necessarily noticed by the viewer. 

Impressions increase every time an ad or other form of digital marketing is displayed. Remember, impressions metrics cover possible views. Think of it somewhat like walking past a sign in the mall. The sign exists as an opportunity for everyone who walks by to view, though not everyone will act upon the sign or even notice it.

That means you need to offer multiple impressions for the chance to be noticed.

Make Multiple Impressions

Increase your likelihood of getting noticed by building trust in your brand and demonstrating the value of your product. You can accomplish just that with Specialty eBlasts from The Old Schoolhouse®. They provide multiple impressions. Specialty eBlasts are pre-promoted as a teaser alert in The Homeschool Minute eNewsletter, which homeschoolers expect in their inboxes every Wednesday morning, to add to the overall impressions and value of these blasts. (The Homeschool Minute is also now available on the TOSApp.) Specialty eBlasts come with additional ad placements with dates of your choosing: an Enhanced Text Ad and a Social Media Package.

Consider further the likelihood of The Old Schoolhouse® audience moving beyond an impression and engaging with your content. Homeschoolers recognize The Old Schoolhouse® brand as a consistently valuable resource for their homeschools. When the sender of an eBlast is recognizable and trusted, it makes sense that engagement follows. The Old Schoolhouse® has built a brand with integrity over more than two decades. You can latch on to that success and reach by advertising to the audience that already knows and expects valuable resources from us.

Plan Your Brand Impressions

View samples of previous Specialty eBlasts from The Old Schoolhouse®. Then picture your logo or a graphic of your product along with your URL and a 250-word description. You’ll find the Editorial Schedule for Specialty eBlasts in the TOS Media Kit. 

Learn more about our advertising options through our mobile app, inbox ad venues, and online locations to help you reach the segment of the homeschooling market that is right for your business.