Repurpose Content: Video from Product Descriptions

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Creating video content from existing materials can take your business to the next level. It’s an effective way to reach more of your target audience and make sure they fully understand what you have to offer. Read below for resources like templates and video editing options as you learn how to repurpose content from your product descriptions into engaging, storytelling, brand-building videos.

What to Keep in Mind as You Repurpose Content

Visuals are a key component of any successful video. In addition to incorporating visuals that capture your audience’s attention and reflect your brand, you should also make sure to leave room for viewers to interact with your content. Cleverly incorporate elements like calls-to-action, interactive polls, and videos overlaid with ratings or comments—this will encourage viewers to engage with your content for longer periods of time.

You also want to make sure that your videos are well organized and easy to follow; avoid cramming too much information into each one. While one of your product descriptions may include very detailed information with points about features and uses, your video shouldn’t necessarily include all of that. You may have enough excellent product descriptions that you could make four to five videos that take a specific angle in sharing about your product. 

Choose and Outline Your Content

After you’ve decided on the product you want to create a video about, it’s time to choose and edit your content. Start by picking a focus for each video, and then select topics (like your features or benefits) that fit it best. As an example, you may have a product that appeals to more than one target market, like educational institutions and homeschool families. So, one video could be focused on appealing to homeschooling moms where you share one or maybe two features of the product or service that is/are especially helpful to that customer. 

The video that would appeal to educational institutions would have a different angle and focus on different aspects of your product. You’ll also find that within the homeschool market you can appeal to different types of homeschoolers by slightly changing the mood and key points that you focus on in a video. 

Get more direction to creating a video outline in our past article Repurpose Content into Long and Short Form Video

Plan and Organize Your Video’s Segments

With your video outline in front of you, now you can plan how you will organize the segments of your video. Ask yourself what needs to be included in each segment to connect them all together in a clear and cohesive way. When mapping out how you want the segments to fit together, consider the topics, formatting, length, and overall flow of the video so that it has a natural progression. This will help make sure your viewers stay engaged throughout.

Your business video may not have the intricate details that a filmmaker will handle, but it still deserves professional planning for the segments/scenes. Sketch the visual side and write out the audio and editing additions in a storyboard. Studiobinder has a full pack of templates for many different approaches to storyboarding with the option to make a storyboard online or download templated files

Record and Edit

Your recording may all happen in your editing software (a couple of easy-to-use and low-cost options are Wondershare and Movavi) or you may have a mix of recorded video and prepared graphics to piece together. Either way, you should have that all organized on your outline and storyboard to help you achieve a balanced and engaging video representation of your product.

When editing, be sure to highlight any quotes from customer reviews, key points, or statistics that can help support the features and benefits you’re sharing in the video. If necessary, you can break up portions of your audio or written content into multiple clips or slideshows to make them easier to digest. 

There are many talented professionals that can provide the video editing service for you and give you direction on piecing together your video elements, so don’t take it all on “in-house” if that feels too overwhelming. The outline and storyboard are good to have done by someone within your company so the vital parts of the story you want to portray are represented on-brand and with the knowledge of your market. 

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