Print Submission Guidelines – SPECS

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Magazine Display Ad Submission Guidelines

Required formatting (digital submissions preferred):

  • CMYK (4-color) format. (If sending PDF, make sure file is CMYK before saving.)
  • 300DPI, high resolution, correct size at 100% based on space purchased
  • File formats are: PDF or JPG only
  • MS Word and Publisher ARE NOT acceptable (DOC or PUB) formats
  • Text fonts must be converted to outlines or embedded
  • We strongly suggest you use simple URLs or shortened URL services like to make it easier for readers to visit your site via your ad.
  • Embedded Links must be reported to ad sales rep at time of ad submission and include URL
  • No flash banners accepted
  • Please include any links to your social media pages if they are being included on your display ad

Size Specifications:

Full Page (no bleed)
7.5″w x 10″h
2250 x 3000 pixels
Full Page (bleed)
8.5″w x 11″h
2594 x 3330 pixels
(All text should be .4″
off the edge)
Trim size is 8.25″ x 10.75″
1/2 Page Horizontal
7.5″w x 4.91″ h
2250 x 1460 pixels
1/2 Page Vertical
4.91″w x 7.5″ h
1470 x 2250 pixels
1/3 Horizontal
7.5″w x 3.2″ h
2250 x 960 pixels
1/3 Vertical
2.33″w x 10″ h
700 x 3000 pixels
1/3 Square
4.9″w x 4.91″h
1470 x 1470 pixels
1/4 Horizontal
7.5″w x 2.33″h
2250 x 700 pixels
1/4 Vertical
2.33″w x 7.5″h
700 x 2250 pixels
1/4 Square
4.91″w x 3.5″h
1470 x 1050 pixels
1/6 Horizontal
4.91″w x 2.33″h
1470 x 700 pixels
1/6 Horizontal PLUS
7.5″w x 1.75″h
2250 x 525 pixels
1/6 Vertical
2.33″w x 4.91″h
700 x 1470 pixels
Two-page spread
16.75″w x 10.875″h
(please note 8.375″ each page)
bleed of .125″ inch on all sides.
PrintSpecThirdHorizontal PrintSpecThirdVertical PrintSpecThirdSquare
PrintSpecQuarterHorizontal PrintSpecQuarterVertical PrintSpecQuarterSquare
PrintSpecSixthPlusHorizontal PrintSpecSixthHorizontal PrintSpecSixthVertical

Issue and Deadlines:

Issues Deadlines
Summer 2023 (Publishing 06/01/23)
Fall 2023 (Publishing 09/01/23)
Winter 2023 (Publishing 12/01/23)
Spring 2024 (Publishing 03/01/24)

Submission Guidelines

Cover Ads:

  • No discounts apply.

 Advertisement Submission:

  • Ads may be submitted via email to artwork (at) theoldschoolhouse (dot) com. If the image is too large, please place it in Dropbox (or similar service) and email that link to the artwork department.
  • For digital version, any EMBEDDED LINKS must be reported at time of ad submission

Color Matching:

  • Due to the variations in file formats and printing processes, TOS cannot guarantee perfect color matching of advertisements.
  • Submission of advertising materials for potential publication constitutes a waiver of all claims relating to color matching and other minor errors in printing and formatting quality.


  • All artwork, text, and other components must be the legal property of the submitting advertiser. Copyrighted material or material belonging to a third party may be used only with the written permission of the owner or copyright holder, a copy of which must be furnished to TOS along with the artwork and advertisement.
  • TOS will not attempt to obtain permission for use of protected works and bears no liability for copyright infringement or other illegal conduct by advertisers or contributors.


  • Advertisements that do not conform to TOS file guidelines will incur additional fees for necessary conversion, alterations, and editing. Please contact TOS in advance with questions concerning the file specifications and/or requirements.
  • TOS reserves the right, but has no obligation, to accept additional file types on a case-by-case basis. Advertisers should contact TOS for verification and instructions before sending files of any types other than the acceptable files formats listed above.
  • Conversion charges will be assessed for any advertisement submitted in an alternative format or otherwise requiring conversion to TOS standard formats.
  • We strongly suggest you use simple URLs or shortened URL services like to make it easier for readers to visit your site via your ad.

Full Legal Terms and Conditions can be found here:

Time Sensitive Specials or Coupons

Note: if you are offering a time sensitive deal or coupon, that offer must be good for 3 months from the date of publication. Please do recognize that the digital edition of the magazine is live ongoing.