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Homeschoolers ACCESS advice, help, and encouragement—ANY TIME, ANYWHERE via our Mobile APPs.

Reach our huge digital audience with our MOBILE APP Advertising options!

Rotating banner ads are sold for each issue of the magazine and also rotate through back issues. Minimum purchase of 3 months is required. Visit for more information on our apps.


Mobile App Banner

  • $600 for 1 insertion/3 months
  • $2,040 for 4 insertions/12 months (15% discount)


  • Submit your ad in each size below, all three, in order to have representation on various devices with each app. The app will select an ad to display at random, not contextually, when viewing a screen where the ad is present.
  • Ads appear on all available issues; they are not linked to a specific issue.


  • Location on Smart Phone
    (iPhone, iPod Touch, Android): Home screen, RSS articles, Search results, Magazine article text, Bookmarks
  • Location on Tablet Device: RSS articles, Search results, Magazine Article text, Bookmarks, Table of Contents
  • Size: 320w x 50h pixels
  • File Format: PNG


  • Location on Tablet Device Portrait Mode: Bottom of Issues screen, live feeds, (RSS) listing
  • Size: 728w x 90h pixels
  • File Format: PNG


  • Location on Tablet Device Landscape Mode: Bottom of Issues screen, live feeds, (RSS) listing
  • Size: 960w x 90h pixels
  • File Format: PNG

Mobile App Push Notification

Your message will go out to our 94,000+ mobile app users!

  • Choose the date and the time your message goes out
  • Each push notification can include up to 130 characters
  • $600 for 1 notification
  • $1000 for 2 notifications

Advertisement Submission:

  • Ads may be submitted via email (preferred), or postal mail (on disk). All artwork should be emailed to artwork (at) theoldschoolhouse (dot) com. If the image or video is too large, please place it in Dropbox (or similar service) and email that link to the artwork department.
  • Color Matching: Due to the variations in file formats and printing processes, TOS cannot guarantee perfect color matching of advertisements.
  • Submission of advertising materials for potential publication constitutes a waiver of all claims relating to color matching and other minor errors in printing and formatting quality.
  • Copyrights: All artwork, text, and other components must be the legal property of the submitting advertiser. Copyrighted material or material belonging to a third party may be used only with the written permission of the owner or copyright holder, a copy of which must be furnished to TOS along with the artwork and advertisement. TOS will not attempt to obtain permission for use of protected works and bears no liability for copyright infringement or other illegal conduct by advertisers or contributors.


  • Advertisements that do not conform to TOS file guidelines will incur additional fees for necessary conversion, alterations, and editing. Please contact TOS in advance with questions concerning the file specifications and/or requirements.
  • TOS reserves the right, but has no obligation, to accept additional file types on a case-by-case basis. Advertisers should contact TOS for verification and instructions before sending files of any types other than the acceptable file formats listed above. Conversion charges will be assessed for any advertisement submitted in an alternative format or otherwise requiring conversion to TOS standard formats.

Full Legal Terms & Conditions can be found here: