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FREE Single Product Review!

Hello from The Old Schoolhouse®, your TRADE MAGAZINE for homeschooling parents nationwide. Did you know that we offer FREE Single Product Reviews? Have you received a free review from us in the past, but it’s been a while? Whether it is your first review or you are inquiring about another one, contact your sales rep to see what we can do for you!

  • What is your flagship product?
  • Are you getting ready to release anything new?
  • Do you have a product you’d like homeschool families to know about?
  • Written reviews are one of the fastest ways to expand your brand.

Let our experienced reviewers help you get the word out!

The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine offers single reviews for FREE!

Why a review? How does it work?

  1. You will send in your product(s) to us, and we will carefully select a relevant reviewing family.
  2. They will physically use the product with their family and write up a review of their experiences, detailing the product and its use.
  3. We will edit and post the review to our website–with a hyperlink directly back to your own website. You can use these reviews in your own marketing materials, social media, as well as post them to your website.
  4. All reviews stay up on our website indefinitely and are regularly harvested by Google. So, when homeschool families look for reviews of your products, they come directly to us!
  5. This is absolutely free to you and a benefit to our readers who are always searching for helpful information on homeschool products. Some of these reviews end up in our magazine as well!
  6. Contact us today to submit your product to one of our homeschool families.

Do you represent a school or college?

A product review would be difficult (grin). Ask for your first FREE month listing here. And, be sure to let us know if there’s interest in The Old Schoolhouse® possibly doing a story on your school’s procedures for qualified homeschool graduates.

Please refer to our Media Kit to find out more about the homeschool market and how The Old Schoolhouse® is reaching it.

The Old Schoolhouse® has 20 years. It’s the top homeschooling publication in our industry, and its writers include some of the best-known keynote speakers and homeschooling experts exhibiting at the major homeschooling conventions in all 50 states. Did you know the Homeschool Market is exploding? It’s a one-billion dollar per year industry. If you want homeschooling families to know about you, be sure you are IN this magazine.


“The first time an e-blast went out I thought something had gone wrong with our shopping cart. Upon my return from being out all morning, I couldn’t believe there were 50-plus orders in the inbox. That never happened before. Then it hit me, “Your e-blast has just gone out.” That was last year. Yesterday, we took in over 100 orders in the first 24 hours. I am very pleased we took advantage of this opportunity…”


“I have appreciated the marketing partnership we’ve had over the years with The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. From our product exposure in the print and digital editions to the honest and in-depth reviews of their Review Crew, TOS has played an important role in presenting our books to the homeschool community.”


Paul and Gena Suarez
Publishers, Owners
The Old Schoolhouse®, LLC
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