Detailed Statistics: Homeschooling’s Growth

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Curious about homeschooling? Who does it, how, why, and where to start? This eBook answers those questions and more!

In 32 pages, Homeschooling’s Incredible Growth shares statistics on the explosive growth of weebook-coverhomeschooling both in the US and abroad. It gives a closer look at the demographics of families from all walks who choose to educate their children in a home-setting with conviction and intention. And it offers personal stories from some of those families, providing an inside look at a vast and fast-growing market. The Homeschooling segment of K-12 education is increasing faster than the private schooling segment (enrollments). With approximately 2.5 million home educators in this country and more enrolling regularly, the movement continues to explode with new growth. After reading this report, consider advertising your educational products and other home and learning materials to this growing market of buying families.