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Advertising Sales Representatives Needed
5 Reasons to be a TOS Sales Representative!

Do you have a phone, email, and a quiet environment where you can work at home? Come join the advertising sales team Our advertising sales representatives work on a commission basis selling advertising nationwide for The Old Schoolhouse® . Form connections with top-quality companies and be a part of getting their products in front of homeschooling families. Ongoing support, training, and sales leads, as well as opportunities for bonuses and advancement, are provided.

“For almost 5 years now, I have enjoyed working with The Old Schoolhouse®! It’s a privilege to be able to serve clients and homeschooling families around the world through our magazine, social media, eBlasts, and other advertising venues.”

—Misty Thomas

“I have been working for TOS since 2017 and my job here was an answer to prayer.  Working from home for a Christian company is such a blessing every day.  I have worked mostly in the sales department, but everyone across all departments is such a joy to work with.  I am so blessed to be part of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine Team/Family!”

—Tambra Peterson

“Once in a great while unexpected joy descends on my being and about a year ago it came in the form of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. My daughter, who has homeschooled all five of her children for over 15 years, introduced me to TOS and I have been so impressed with the academic achievements, creative development in art and music, and growth in their Christian faith, that each child has shown. Now, as an advertising sales rep, I know that the articles, products, and services we offer on a consistent basis meet the highest standards of our founding publishers. Having daily communication with a caring staff committed to honesty, and integrity, and helping our advertisers in their quest to improve students on every level—from early learning to preparing for higher education—makes my daily task not only enjoyable but assured that I am helping families with valuable information, products, and services. And it truly is a joy to work with advertisers, knowing that they are reaching just the readers or social media audience they are seeking at affordable rates.“

—Barbara Kindness

“I recently joined The Old Schoolhouse® ad sales team in December 2021. I was nervous about joining a commission-based sales position, but The Old Schoolhouse® has provided me with many learning tools and an incredible support system, to ensure that I begin with the best start possible. I value this company tremendously because of its solid Christian values and truly supportive team. I anticipate profound personal, spiritual, and professional growth during my tenure with The Old Schoolhouse®.”

—Wendi Knight

“Working with The Old Schoolhouse® gives me the best of all possible worlds . . . flexibility to take care of my family and friends when needed and a purpose like working to earn money and helping the Kingdom of God and Christian homeschool community!”

—Amy Mead

“I have been working as a sales rep for about 10 months now. During these last few months, I have been off work due to having COVID and pneumonia. It almost got the best of me, and thanks be to God, I am still here! The whole family had COVID as well. Then, last month, I lost my stepmom due to illness and it has taken a hard toll on myself and my poor Father.

During all of this, I have been supported by TOS. Stephanie and April were checking in on me and letting me know that I was being prayed for. I was never once pressured to return back to work before I was ready. The support of this TOS family, and the stability to know that I have a job to return to as well as having work holding me up in prayer, has meant so much to me and I am grateful for this company beyond words!”

—Angela Burgel

Working for The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine as a sales representative is such a blessing!

I love the flexibility of working from home, and that my position here can help others in the homeschool community.

TOS is a big family helping everyone homeschool with knowledge and care, it is truly great to be a part of something so amazing!”

—Taylor Courmier


New to sales? NO PROBLEM! All you need is a friendly attitude, a desire to reach others, and a willingness to learn. We provide full training along with support tools and ongoing encouragement so you can feel confident in your new role. YOU WILL NEVER GO IT ALONE!

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