Free Product Review

FREE Single Review! Do you have a product you’d like homeschool families to know about? Let our experienced reviewers help you get the word out! Reviews are one of the best ways to get your name and product out there, and The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine offers single reviews for FREE!*

Why reviews, and how it works:

  1. Upon approval, you will send in your product(s) to us, and we will carefully select a relevant reviewing family. They will physically use the product with their family, and write up a review of their experiences; detailing the product and its use.
  2. We will edit and post the review to our website—with a hyperlink directly back to your own website. You can use these reviews in your own marketing materials, social media, as well as post them to your website. All reviews stay up on our website indefinitely and are regularly harvested by Google. So when homeschool families look for reviews of your products, they come directly to us!
  3. This is absolutely free to you, and a benefit to our readers who are always searching for helpful information on homeschool products. Some of these reviews end up in our magazine!

Contact us today to submit your product to one of our homeschool families.

Email Tess Hamre and share a little about what you’d like us to review, and we will get right back to you!

Samples of our reviews: Science Review * History Review

*Certain restrictions apply. We cannot review all items, but we do review most!