Homeschool Review Crew

$995 per session

Increase your SEO and market reach with the Homeschool Review Crew. Reserve your 2018 session today.


“In our 24 years of business, we’ve tried dozens of forms of advertising. From Yellow Pages to National Who’s-Who awards to email marketing, pay-per-click google advertising, magazine ads, banners, –even printing our ads inside restaurant menus! As a family-home-educator-run business, we are pretty tight with our advertising dollars, and always keenly aware of success or failure. And out of all the attempts -and thousands of dollars-, very very few (like, 2) had a positive financial return on our investment. and only one has brought a positive return with such joy and delight. You guessed it; The Old Schoolhouse® Review Crew. Reviewers came by the dozens…
…Not only did we turn a profit from the heavy investment of physical samples, time invested in designing each personalized gift, and of course the fee for the Crew, but we turned a profit before the reviews even came out! Why? How? Well, so many of the Crew members ordered additional merchandise along with their free sample, that it paid for the review fee before the reviews had even posted for the public to read. We were so pleased (and relieved) to have found a successful method of advertising, and all within our own tribe: the home educators!”
John & Katie Dehnart, CrossTimber

How might your market niche grow when your product is used and reviewed by the Homeschool Review Crew and promoted by a pool of 40 to 100 bloggers through blog posts and social media platforms?


What You Will Receive:

  • A pool of 40 to 100 families that will actually use your products and blog about their experience.
  • A link of each review to our blog post featuring your product at Sample
  • Additional posting of these reviews to the bloggers’ own personal social media accounts on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  • Promotion of the review on the Homeschool Review Crew Social Media channels·

About the Homeschool Review Crew

  • Each family will physically use your product with their children or your intended audience. Your product will be used by your intended age range from preschool through high school graduation.
  • All bloggers are committed to having an active readership on their blogs with regular posting of non-sponsored content to keep reader interest and loyalty high.
  • Adheres to the same high standards and professionalism you have come to expect from The Old Schoolhouse®.

Things to Consider When Contemplating a Crew Run

  • Which age group is your product geared toward? Would you like to have us review more than one age level? We can do this!
  • The best reviews are generally from homeschool families who are genuinely interested in your product. What is the maximum number of reviewers you are interested in sending a product to? That can be anything from 40 to 100.
  • We have both U.S.A. and international reviewers. Would you prefer reviewers strictly in the U.S. or U.S. and international?
  • Please keep in mind that we do not review demos or samples of products, but full and complete versions. If your program is an online program, our team reviews a full subscription. Also, please note we do not review free products either with the Crew or via a single review.
  • Are you shipping a physical product, a download, or an online program?
  • You are responsible to ship to the reviewers directly. Which shipping method will you be using?
  • The Crew uses and promotes your reviews on many social media outlets and we share SEO keywords with our team. We also help get the word out about your social media outlets and will ask you for those and the keywords you’d like us to use.
  • Details and requirements will be provided by Debra Brinkman, Review Crew Administrator, along with a manual to guide you along the way. Contact your sales rep or email Dawn Oaks, Sales Support Manager, today!



Premium Crew Package: $3,499
($5,644 value)

    • Includes:
      • Enhanced Text Ad in THM within 2-3 weeks that the review goes live directing traffic to anchor post – $300
      • Crew Run with normal social media coverage on Crew side – $995
      • Full social media package (2 FB mentions, 2 Twitter mentions, 1 Google+, 1 Pinterest Pin) – $690
      • Spotlight on Review Crew Favorites – $695
      • This gets reposted to the Winter 2018 issue which equals extra traffic
      • Dedicated eBlast within 1 month of Crew run – $2,500
      • Half page display ad in digital issue of vendor’s choice – $1,450
    • Limited Availability: 6 total packages available
    • First Ship dates in April with no more than 1 featured each month
    • All promotion after the Crew Run is completed must contain the link to the main Crew Review blog post with the linked-up reviews.
    • Sale of Premium packages are contingent upon approval prior to sale.

“We used the Review Crew to get the word out about our Super Beads, the beads that fuse with water. We were excited when all the reviewers wanted to sample our Super Beads. They did a great job presenting our product. They took pictures and videos of the kids making and playing with the Super Beads. They used the keywords we wanted in their posts and hyperlinked everything to our website and product’s pages. They also posted it on their social media and tagged us and used the hashtags we wanted. The Review Crew was very easy to work with and they exceeded our expectations.
Yoni at Econocrafts

The TOS Review Crew is the very best and most cost-effective opportunity we’ve found to get our products directly in the hands of real-life homeschoolers. Not only does it help us gain more exposure to this vibrant community, but it provides us with invaluable reader feedback at our fingertips.
Shalyn Sattler, VP of Marketing, Barbour Publishing

Crew members provided invaluable, personalized reviews detailing how they incorporated our Spanish and French programs into their family’s homeschooling curriculum, including colorful images of the programs and personal anecdotes.
Heidi Stock, Whistlefritz

We have enjoyed our experiences with the TOS Crew Review for the past several years. It’s such a great way to spread the word about our new products. The reviews are honest, thorough, and include pictures—and sometimes videos—of our products being used by their children.
Laura House, Institute of Excellence in Writing (IEW)