Our Demographic

At the beginning of 2014 we conducted a random demographic survey of one portion of our followers. This survey consisted of Facebook fans, magazine readers, and customers in our store. There were 5,612 responses, 162 were crew members, 30 were TOS staff and 5 classified themselves at TOS Staff/Review crew. That leaves us with a balance of 5,415 non TOS-associated responders.

A TOS customer, whether they shop in the store, read the magazine, or follow us on Facebook is typically part of a two-parent household where the mother is the primary educator. Most of the home educators have a post-high school degree and are between 35 and 54 years old. They were not homeschooled as children. The families have an annual income from $51,000 to $100,000 annually where the mother doesn’t work and the father works full time. The majority of our customers do not have their own businesses. They follow a traditional school schedule with anywhere from 2 to more than 4 children and plan to homeschool using a “eclectic” educational style through the high school years. Our customer is technologically savvy with a minimum of two computers, mostly PC, and half of them using tablets. Our customer regularly attends church and also incorporates travel in their homeschool. Their children participate in sports through community leagues, take private music lessons, and study drama. Finally, our customers are overwhelmingly comfortable sharing why they homeschool, as well as helping friends get started in homeschooling.

Our families spend money on quality educational products. This educational model – HOMESCHOOLING – is one they view as long term. Come show them the resources they should know about.