Homeschool Review Crew

$995 per session

  • This is a product review and viral blogging
  • Up to 100 bloggers review your product and link to the anchor post on (Total number of bloggers will be dependent on products reviewed and reviewer criteria. 100 cannot be guaranteed for all Homeschool Review Crew spots.)
  • Bloggers are required to actually use the product with their children.
  • Bloggers are required to post their review to social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc.
  • Posts appear on bloggers’ websites or blogs.
  • Product reviews are sometimes included in the actual magazine, in its “Lab” column.


Product Review Viral Blogging Service (Schoolhouse Review Crew):

Details and requirements will be provided by Kate Kessler, Product Review Director, along with a helpful manual to guide you along the way. Here are some things to consider as you contemplate a Crew run:

  1. Which age group is your product geared toward? Would you like to have us review more than one age level? We can do this!
  2. The best reviews are generally from homeschool families who are genuinely interested in your product. What is the maximum number of reviewers you are interested in sending a product to? That can be anything from 40 to 100.
    What is your cap?
  3. We have both USA and international reviewers. Most of the Crew team is stateside, but our internationals have a reach both in the USA and beyond.
    Would you like to expand your reach in this way?
  4. Please keep in mind that we do not review demos or samples of products, but full and complete versions. If your program is an online program, our team reviews a full subscription.  Also, please note we do not review free products either with the crew or via a single review.
  5. Are you shipping a physical product, a download, or an online program?
    You are responsible to ship to the reviewers directly. Which shipping method will you be using?
  6. The Crew uses and promotes your reviews on many social media outlets and we share SEO keywords with our team. We also help get the word out about your social media outlets and will ask you for those and the keywords you’d like us to use.