2018 Themes for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Spring 2018 (Digital)

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• Feature Articles: When Do I Start Teaching Math?
• Theme:
 Language Arts – Reading Comprehension
• Theme: Outdoor Science Made Fun
• Theme: Special Needs
• Theme: Foreign Language
• Theme: Science: Creationism
• Theme: HisStory: The History of Nature Studies/Outdoor Education
• Theme: Organization
• Theme: Homeschooling When Parents Work Outside the Home
• Theme: Travel

Summer 2018 (Print and Digital)

Publishing: July 1st
Deadline: April 15

• Feature Articles: The Truth About Common Core
• Theme:
 Language Arts – Grammar
• Theme: Hands on Math
• Theme: Geology
• Theme: Gifted Students
• Theme: NASA
• Theme: Careers in Flight
• Theme: Science
• Theme: HisStory: American Folklore
• Theme: Homesteading/Off Grid
• Theme: Homekeeping in the Summer
• Theme: Writing

Fall 2018 (Digital)

Publishing: September 1st
Deadline: June 30th

• Feature Articles: Science – STEM & STEAM: What’s All the Fuss?
• Theme: Language Arts – Literature
• Theme:
High School Math/Prep For College
• Theme: Physics and Chemistry
• Theme: Identifying the Special Needs Student
• Theme: Foreign Language
• Theme: Frugal Moms (freezer meals, low priced                       dinners, bulk cooking). Holiday articles,                         last minute gifts.
• Theme: HisStory: Thanksgiving History
• Theme: Science Technology: Augmented Reality
• Theme: Homekeeping in Fall
• Theme: Art and Music

Winter 2018-2019 (Print and Digital)

Publishing: December 1
Deadline: September 30th

• Feature Articles: The Troubling History of Public School Education
• Theme: What’s an Unschooler? Delight-Directed Learning
• Theme: Language Arts: Spelling
• Theme: Special Needs
• Theme: Teaching Elementary-Ages Math
• Theme: HisStory: Historical Inventions
• Theme: Preschool
• Theme: High Schoolers Keeping their own Records
• Theme: Time Management
• Theme: New Resolutions
• Theme: Organization
• Theme: Homekeeping in Winter
• Theme: Beating the Winter Blues