2017 Magazine Editorial Calendar

2017 Themes for The Old Schoolhouse Digital Magazine

Winter 2017

Publishing January 1, 2017
Deadline November 18, 2016

• Theme: Unit Studies/Lapbooking
• Theme: Math
• Theme: Language Arts –Writing
• Theme: HisStory — Current Events on the Elementary Level
• Theme: Protecting Children from Porn
• Theme: Dad’s Corner — Making Life Work on a Tighter Budget
• Theme: Special Needs
• Theme: College Prep/Higher Ed — Budgeting for College
• Theme: Organization

Spring 2017

Publishing April 1, 2017
Deadline February 24, 2017

• Theme: Carschooling
• Theme: Math
• Theme: Language Arts–Grammar
• Theme: Foreign Language
• Theme: HisStory — Celebrating Exploration!
• Theme: College Prep/Higher Ed– Making a Marketing Plan for College; Pros & Cons of having a job in high school
• Theme: Protecting Children from Porn
• Theme: Dad’s Corner–College Conversations
• Theme: Special Needs– Autism and College
• Theme: Science: Biology of a Beehive
• Theme: Beekeeping/ Entrepreneurship
• Theme: Life After Homeschool –Several articles from people who have gone on to attend college, stay at home, start a business, get married
• Theme: Homeschooling and the Single Parent
• Theme: Raising up Future Moms & Dads
• Theme: Organization– Combining Multiple Ages while Homeschooling
Resource Guide:  Local & State Conventions
Reading & Writing Fair
Homeschool College Fair

Summer 2017

Publishing July 1, 2017
Deadline May 26, 2017

• Theme: Charlotte Mason
• Theme: Math
• Theme: Language Arts–Literature Based Learning
• Theme: Middle & High School Science
• Theme: College Prep: Testing for College
• Theme: College Prep/Higher Ed–Alternatives to College; Staying Healthy in College
• Theme: Protecting Children from Porn
• Theme: Summer Travel–Health & Safety; Museums to visit while traveling
• Theme: Dad’s Corner–Training for Character
• Theme: How to Begin Homeschooling
• Theme: Organization– Making a Travel Bag for Every Age
• Theme: Special Needs–At Home After Homeschool (Support for families)
Resource Guide:  Travel / Family Time
Resource Guide:  Back to School / Higher Ed

Fall 2017

Publishing October 1, 2017
Deadline August 25, 2017

• Theme: Delight Directed Learning
• Theme: Math
• Theme: Language Arts– Spelling Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful
• Theme: HisStory–Living History Days/Historical Reenactment
• Theme: Music
• Theme: How the Homeschooled Homeschool
• Theme: College Prep/Higher Ed–Dual Enrollment/Scholarships
• Theme: Entrepreneurship– Teens and Business
• Theme: Homeschooling When Both Parents Work Outside the Home
• Theme: Supplementing Your Household Income
• Theme: Learning Outside the Box
• Theme: Organization–Packing a Take-Along-To-Do Bag
Resource Guide:  Educational Toys & Games