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Welcome to our Spotlight on Subjects!


If you need a quick overview of the various subjects covered in homeschools like yours, you will find them in The Old SchoolhouseŽ bi-monthly Spotlight on Subjects E-Newsletter. This issue begins with language arts as we look at the company Writing Tales and all they offer students learning how to write well. They are our highlighted company this issue, but you'll also learn about history/social studies with Figures in Motion, electives support from Wikki Stix, the arts with See The Light, science with Conserve School, and math from MathTacular. 


Enjoy browsing these great options for six subject areas! Then watch your inbox for SOS (Spotlight on Subjects) for your homeschool with our next issue in October! 


This Issue 2013
Teach your child in the classical style and have fun  
at the same time with Writing Tales! 


Based on the first level of the ancient progymnasmata writing exercises used by the Greeks, Writing Tales teaches grammar level students how to write by studying and re-writing classic tales and fables. Extremely user-friendly, the Teacher's Guides include day-to-day lesson plans for homeschoolers as well as lesson plans for co-operatives. The Student Workbooks take your child through in-depth studies of 15 different fables and fairy tales, and guide them through the process of re-writing each story in their own words. Because of the nature of the classical approach and the thorough study and analysis done of each story, plenty of practice is included in grammar, copywork, spelling, and vocabulary, making Writing Tales a fully comprehensive writing curriculum. 


One story is studied for two lessons; each lesson is about one week long. In the first lesson, the story is introduced and studied. The student practices copywork using a passage of the story, and defines vocabulary words from the story. A specific grammar concept is learned using examples from the story. In Level Two, the student practices outlining the story, and finding synonyms for certain words. Finally, the student re-writes the story in his own words. 


The second lesson contains more grammar study, and a chance to write the final draft with creative touches. Along the way, plenty of games are included to make the study of grammar and writing fun! The Teacher's Guide is written with ease of teaching in mind; the Appendix has almost everything needed right at hand. 


Writing Tales Level One is recommended for third or fourth graders, while Level Two is appropriate for fourth or fifth graders. Click here to get 20% off your order!


Figures in Motion


Figures in Motion  

Bring the past alive by integrating art and history with these award-winning activity books from Figures In Motion
Now children ages 6 to 12 can make movable action figures and relive events of Ancient and Medieval History, the American Revolution, and the Civil War by performing their own historical re-enactments or creating new stories with the most important figures of the past. Constructing the figures provides an engaging and meaningful supplement to any history curriculum, or literature-based history study. 
The series includes Famous Figures of Ancient Times, Famous Figures of Medieval Times, Famous Figures of the American Revolution, and Famous Figures of the Civil War (available April 2013). 
  • Detailed biography section with facts about each figure 
  • Companion reading list for read-alouds and independent readers 
  • Easy to assemble (instructions included) 
  • Colored and colorable versions of each character 
  • Printed on sturdy card stock for hours of creative play 
  • Punch and fastener packs available at 
"One of the best ways to bring material to life for children is to touch it, hold it, and play with it--exactly the opportunities these figures provide. I highly recommend them!" 
 - Diana Waring 

Wikki Stix for Hands-on Learning



Wikki Stix

Sometimes it's the really simple things that work the best! Like a fun, colorful teaching tool . . . made of yarn and wax. 
But that's what Wikki Stix One-of-a-Kind Creatables are. Slightly tacky to the touch, they stick with just fingertip pressure and are easy to peel up and reposition, so "mistakes" simply disappear. And because they feel kind of funny, kids love using them! 
Tactile, colorful and easy to use, they are a soft, pliable manipulative that can be used over and over again. And, because they are so forgiving, they are ideal for Special Needs . . . and have been a favorite of therapists for years. 
Wikki Stix Alphabet Cards, and Wikki Stix Numbers and Counting Cards are sturdy, reusable cards showing proper stroke for letter and number formation. Simply press the Wikki Stix onto the card. Peel them up to re-use again and again. Completed cards can be laid out on the table or floor to spell words or learn counting. 
Basic Shapes Kit shows shapes in connect-the-dot form, helping to reinforce numbers in sequence. Includes fun, colorful foldout showing how shapes can be combined. 

See The Light  



See the Light

DVDs that draw children closer to God through art in 2 distinctive ways! 
Bring a Master Art Teacher into your Home for 36 Complete Lessons on 9 DVDs + 3 Bonus Lessons 
  • Step-by-Step Tutoring 
  • Integrated Art History & Biblical Truth 
  • Progressive Skill Building 
  • No Workbooks Ever--Only Basic Art Supplies 
  • Amazing price of $2.75 per complete lesson
Explore the Bible through Hands-On Art 
Each DVD Bible story is artfully brought to life by combining stunning art, drama, and original music. Children draw 3 step- by-step art lessons related to the Biblical story. Each lesson is taught by a featured SEE THE LIGHT artist. 
  • Use of mixed media--colored pencil, chalk pastels, watercolors, felt pens 
  • Every lesson features a "Black Light" surprise 
  • Over 140 minutes of content on each DVD 
  • Bonus features include the Plan of Salvation and Art Commentaries 
  • Perfect for home/church/mission/VBS/camp 
  • Spanish language track included 
  •  $14.99 for each Bible story DVD 

Conserve School



Conserve School Conserve School is for high school juniors and advanced sophomores from across the country who feel a strong attachment to the natural world and who are motivated to conserve it. This semester-long immersion in environmental studies and outdoor activities deepens students' love of nature, reinforces their commitment to conservation, and equips them to take meaningful action as environmental stewards. 


The program interweaves college-preparatory academics with: the study of the science of conservation, environmental service work, the exploration of careers related to conservation, training in teamwork, and engagement with the outdoors. Students join a community that heightens their sense of identity and self-worth and imparts the confidence they need to go forward and make a difference. 


A semester at Conserve is both educational and affordable. Tuition for all students is covered by the Lowenstine Honors Scholarship Program. The program can be especially beneficial for homeschoolers as they prepare for the transition to college by: providing students with a transcript of Conserve's curriculum, connecting them with a top notch faculty who can provide recommendations, educating students about the college process, and preparing students for college life by allowing them an extended away from home experience within a safe and nurturing community.




Are your children bored with math? Are they afraid of it? Do they hate it? MathTacular is the answer. Using creative real-world examples, MathTacular is the easy way to sneak in some Unbelievably Understandable Math™ into the heads and hearts of your kids. And best of all? It's a lot of fun! 
MathTacular is an easy to use DVD-based math adventure. Our math tour guide, "Professor" Justin, will delight you and your children as he and his friends find themselves facing amusing problems that only math can solve. 
Don't think you're ready to teach your children math? With MathTacular you don't have to be a math expert - the DVD does it all for you. Just press "play" and get started! You and your children will have an enjoyable time learning about math together. 
MathTacular makes math fun. Whether you're hunting "bears" with Justin, learning about symmetry, or looking for patterns, MathTacular will help your children think - and smile. Not only that, they'll learn some great math. 
Math videos featuring boring "talking heads" just don't add up. That's why MathTacular makes math fun through memorable examples, manipulatives, and a good dose of humor. Perfect for children ages 4 through 11!